Mental Health is so important.  Did you know that In the United States, almost half of adults (46.4 percent) will experience a mental illness during their lifetime?

PTSD & Substance Abuse

Learn Central Ideas:

(1) Safety,

(2) Letting go of dangerous relationships

(3) Gaining control

Mind over Mood

Learn to change how you feel by changing the way you think.

Learn strategies to transform your life, Follow the step by step plans, 

Set Goals, Practice until they become second nature

Grief & Loss

Learn how to accept loss, live your grief, express your feelings, share with others, take care of yourself, use rituals, live in the present, Modify your thoughts, Rebuild your world, Visualize the life you want. 

Freedom from Depression

Learn your indicators, handling anger, establishing healthy boundaries, believe in yourself, refuse to be a victim, allow time, understanding your personality...

DBT Workshop

For people who feel overwhelmed with sadness, anger, shame, and experiences extreme mood change that get in the way of work, relationships, and living a fulfilling life.  

Anxiety & Phobia

Learn relaxation, exercise, coping skills, overcoming negative self-talk, changing beliefs, mastering phobias. 

CBT Workshop

Learn Relaxation, worry control, coping with panic, ending depression, letting go, changing habits, control anger, Healing...

Bipolar Disorder Workshop

Learn mindfulness and acceptance skills, Cope with depressive manic episodes, manage difficult emotions and impulsive urges, and maintain relationships with friends and family

Stress Management

Discover common stressors, how stress impacts the body physically and mentally, and strategies for healthier stress management.

Sexual Assault Prevention

Learn about rape culture, trauma, and the brain, how survivors can get help, and more. 

Time Management

Learn about time management and strategies to be effective in reaching your goals. 

Safer Sex and Consent

Learn how to engage in safer sex and how to talk with a partner(s) about sex, desires and what is off-limits.

Relationship Goals

Discover how to recognize a healthy or unhealthy relationship and strategies for healthier communication.


Learn hands-on self-defense, awareness tips, risk reductions, and simple strategies for escape.

Intimate Partner Violence Prevention

Learn about the forms of dating violence, the cycle of violence, how to identify red flags and assert your boundaries. 

Perfectly Imperfect

Join the conversation on loving ourselves in a society that tries to push us down and learn to embrace being perfectly imperfect. 

"Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it"   Proverbs 4:23

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